Chania – Mother Nature at her finest


If you are an intrepid trekker, love free climbing, are mad about nature photography or simply love to wonder at nature’s splendor, then Chania is the perfect place for you. For the active traveler or the naturalist the Chania region provides unparalleled opportunities to view breathtaking virgin landscapes and to observe many threatened species in their natural habitats. Chania consists of 415 kilometers of coastline surrounding the imposing “Lefka Oroi”. This range, known as the “White Mountains” got its name because as recently as the early 90’s it actually held snow year round. Sadly climate change has made that source of valuable ground water a thing of the past; they are still snow capped however from December through May. This truly amazing area offers some of the best hiking trails in Europe, along peaks, rugged coastlines or the many (more than 17!) natural gorges. The most famous is the Samaria gorge, considered one of the biggest in Europe.

Chania region, being the most westerly area, offers unparalleled sunsets. The good natured hospitality of the residents only serves to underline how truly blessed by nature the area is. Literally every type of accommodation can be found in Chania – from free camping on a pristine beach to opulent suites and villas at deluxe resorts. Sites of ancient and more recent historical significance abound, such as ancient Kydonia, Franco Castello or the Arkadi monastery where the local population made their last stand against the Ottoman occupation. The City of Chania is truly an architectural marvel – retaining well preserved examples of the prevailing architectural trends of every passing power. These ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Arabian, Frankish, Venetian and Ottoman influences have created a city full of surprises. As you explore you will be transported in time, every turn revealing a glimpse of the present, past and future!


Photostories of Chania