Lassithi – the Cretan land of the rising sun!


Lassithi, the eastern most end of the island, though more sparsely populated than the other regions, is one of the wealthiest in land values and agricultural production. Hosting two Minoan palaces, those of Malia and Zakros, there are also many other sites of historic and archeological interest. Lassithi is the home of the exclusive Elounda resorts and the quaint yet cosmopolitan town of Agios Nikolaos. Further east you encounter the famed palm forest of Vai, created by the discarded date pits of the pirates that rested there to refill their fresh water supplies. The eastern coast is rugged and sandy by turns and there are many wonderful holiday villas as well as small resorts from which you can experience an awe-inspiring sunrise with someone you love! The other major sea-side towns are Siteia and Ierapetra.

The mountains of lassithi offer more unique surprises. The famous Lassiti Plateau at the foot of Mount Dykti is nearly a perfect circle and from one side to the other there is only a few meters difference in altitude. The amazingly fertile area was one the bed of an ancient lake that drained away after a severe earthquake. Once there were more than 25000 working windmills spread out over the plateau which has a diameter of approximately 9 kilometers. Today however there are maybe a couple hundred dappling the patchwork plots of farmland. For visitors in search of rest and relaxation, or outdoor activities such as trekking, free climbing, mountain biking, windsurfing or sailing the Lassithi area is the perfect destination.


Photostories of Lassithi