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Closed: Mondays, major religious and bank holidays


  • 01/04-31/10: 08:30-19:30
  • 01/11-31/03: 08:30-15:00


Archeological Museums


Herakleion - 2810 279 000, 2810 279 071

The Herakleion Archeological Museum hosts most of the important Minoan relics recovered from excavations on the island. The intricacy and sophistication of the artwork and craftsmanship, even of common household objects, is truly astonishing. The contrast with today’s “disposable” mentality and lifestyle really makes a lasting impression on visitors young and old alike. The local archeological museums also display significant works of statuary, ceramics and votive offerings.

Chania – 2821 090 334

Rethymnon – 2831 054 668

Agios Nikolaos – 2841 024 943

Ierapetra – 2842 028 721

Siteia – 2843 023917

We have provided information for the most easily accessible and well known sites and museums. For a comprehensive listing of all of the archeological sites and museums on Crete you should contact the 23rd Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities at +30 2810 226 470 or by e-mail at:


Historical Museums


Herakleion - 2810 283 219

The cultural museums walk the visitor through all of the socio-political phases of Crete’s past and offer fascinating glimpses of the lives and days of the residents during each historical period. There are ample examples of traditional folk art, local dress, even recreations of typical Cretan homes.

Chania – 2821 052 606

Gavalohori – 2825 023 222

Rethymnon – 2831 023 398


Natural History Museum of Crete


Follow the history of Crete’s birth as a land formation through the geo-physical phenomena that created this unique environment. You will see excellent examples of the island’s valuable natural resources and indigenous flora and fauna that have inhabited the island through the ages.