Rethymno – harmonious extremes


The literal high point of the Rethymno region is none other than Mount Idi or “Psiloreitis”, the highest peak on the island of Crete, while the point where the Rethymno and Chania prefectures border is the narrowest point on the island. Today Idi is snow-topped from December through May. In general the Rethymno region is characterized by extremes: rugged forbidding mountain terrain in contrast with almost tropical beach areas, barren rocky plateaus and lush citrus groves. Rethymno area is home to some of the best livestock on the island and its Venetian port is a lively yet elegant meeting place.

The southern coast offers some of the loveliest small resorts in the Mediterranean and due to their southern exposure and the warm waters of the Libyan Sea the season lasts well into November. You can discover small mountain hamlets, among the most traditional in Greece, where you can experience authentic home-made products. Rethymno city is a lively college town offering great restaurants, cafes and clubs for all tastes. To make the most of your visit you can rent a car to explore and choose from the many great hotels in Rethymno.


Photostories of Rethymno