What to do on Crete


Crete offers an amazing array of activities for all ages, interests and budgets. Whether you are a world-class athlete or a weekend warrior, a professional artist or a hobbyist, a historian or a spiritual sojourner you are sure to find just the right combination of excursions and activities to make your visit truly invigorating! An experienced Destination Management Company offers the local knowledge to guide you to the area, accommodation and transportation that suit you best.


History and Culture


Depending on the amount of time you have there are a wealth of archeological sites, historical, archeological and natural history museums that you can explore.

The most famous archeological sites are the Palace of Knossos a few kilometers south of Heraklion City, the Palace of Malia on the outskirts of the town of the same name, about 35km from the Port of Heraklion and the Palace of Phaistos near the southern coast of the Heraklion Prefecture about 1hours drive from the port. The more remote Palace of Zakros is recommended if you have the opportunity to overnight in the area or if you are staying near Siteia or Ierapetra. Every area has many other sites of local interest. There are many organized tours that you can participate in to visit selected sites or you can rent a car if you prefer the autonomy of self driving.

The Archeological Museums of Agios Nikolaos, Heraklion, Rethymno and Chania all offer glimpses into the artistry and way of life in the ancient past.

The Natural History Museum in Heraklion offers fascinating insights into how the island came into being, the rocks, mineral, flora and fauna that make up this unique ecosystem.

There are also many local folk museums and crafts workshops where you can learn more about the daily lives of the Cretan people through the ages and traditional handcrafts passed from generation to generation.

For those interested in architecture there are guided walking tours offered in all the main cities which point out the architectural legacies left behind by each occupying power.

Ecclesiastical Tourism is another popular activity where by you can follow in the footsteps of saints, apostles and prophets. From the polytheistic religions of antiquity to the monotheistic teachings of Mohamed and Christ you will have the opportunity to see living examples scattered throughout the island. Many working monasteries accept visitors and it is a truly unique experience to witness the monastic way of life first hand.

Cultural Events such as performances of traditional music and dancing are held throughout the year. There are also continuous local festivities celebrating everything from saint’s days, to wine making, to olive harvesting. Be sure to ask your hotelier what festivities will be happening during your stay – there is no better way to get to know a place than sharing in the joy of the local population!


Athletic Activities


On Crete, and in Greece in general, there are groups organized for just about every conceivable activity. So whether you are into golf, hiking, free climbing, mountain biking, bungee jumping, hang-gliding, parasailing, kite-boarding, wind-surfing, diving, sailing, jeep safaris, off-road 4x4 or dirt biking, cycling, horse riding, swimming, running, beach volleyball… whatever your favorite sport(s) may be you will find everything you need to enjoy your chosen activities.


Wine Tours and Fine Dining


If exciting your palate is an essential part of your travel experience then prepare to be tantalized on Crete! Crete’s fame for the longevity of its residents is world renowned and well earned. The Mediterranean diet became all the rage in the 1990’s as a natural way to stay slim and healthy but the Cretan diet has been scientifically determined to be the most holistic and macrobiotic in the world! The diet is based on fresh and dried fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts, olive oil, herbs, mushrooms, homemade wine and spirits, honey and dairy products primarily from sheep and goats milk, rabbit, escargot and sea food.

From family taverns to high-end dining at elegant restaurants the essential elements of the local diet are always on the menu. Even the most discerning chefs with Michelin ratings seek out fresh local products for their culinary creations.

The local wine industry has seen a lot of growth in the last decade and young vintners with a fresh approach to the ancient art of winemaking are beginning to get noticed. Enjoy a lovely day in the countryside exploring the local wine varietals grown on Crete for millennia! You will enjoy a truly hospitable welcome in gorgeous surroundings when you set out for wine tasting.


Excursions, Day Tours and Cruises


Grab the opportunity to explore the coastline, small local islands or even visit Santorini! There is a wide range of leisure craft available for skippered yacht charter or motor or sail boat rental. Whether you are an experienced sailor or just want to sit back and soak up the sun and sea breezes, there are a number of options to find a day cruise just right for you!

See the sights on a private tour in a chauffeured luxury car or limo, or if you are the social type join an organized coach tour to the places that interest you. Most tours combine a variety of interests or you can create your own personal excursion.